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Possession means that something belongs to me, you, or someone else. If something belongs to you, it's yours, you own it. If something belongs to someone, it is somebody's. He or she owns it.

Look at the examples below.

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Nutty's apples

The apples are Nutty's. They belong to Nutty.

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Bobo's carrots

The carrots are Bobo's. They belong to Bobo.

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Gopher's bananas

The bananas are Gopher's. They belong to Gopher.

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Albert's tomatoes

The tomatoes are Albert's. They belong to Albert.

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We use 's after someone's name to show that something belongs to her or him.

Here are some examples.

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Honey's dress is yellow.

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Buddy's cap is green.

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Lemonia's t-shirt is white.

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Peter's trousers are yellow.

Practise your English!

Make as many sentences about our friends as you can.

For example, Bobo's cap is pink and white.

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Look at the pictures below and answer the questions. For example, Whose dress is blue? Nutty's dress.

When we want to know to whom something belongs, we use the question word whose.

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Honey and Nutty

Whose dress is yellow?

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Buddy and Bobo

Whose cap is green?

Learning English in a fun way

Lemonia and Gopher

Whose t-shirt is red?

Teaching English in a fun way

Peter and Albert

Whose trousers are green?

talking about possession in english

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