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We use them every day. Bottles, cartons, jugs, bowls... There are so many containers for holding liquids! Juice is a liquid, milk is a liquid, and soup is a liquid too!

Click on the pictures below to hear the sounds.

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We can't count soda. But we can count cans of soda.

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We can't count coffee. But we can count cups of coffee.

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You can make it!

These cold drink recipes are easy to make and perfect when you need to cool down on a hot day.

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Rhymes for learning English

Rhymes for learning English

Try to write your own rhyming poem about drinks and drink containers. It's easy and fun!

Here are some ideas.

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Do you like tea?
Touch your knee.
Do you like milk?
Point to your ear.

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I'm thirsty, I want to drink!
A glass of juice, a glass of milk,
A cup of coffee, a cup of tea.
Just what I need.

drink containers in english

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