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Lesson on English expressions

What's your favourite meal? What do you like to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner?

Your body needs food to grow and live.

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the first meal of the day

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eaten in the middle of the day

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a light meal in the late afternoon

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the last meal of the day

Learn English expressions

Make a sentence!

Practise your English. Look at the pictures below. Then make as many sentences and questions about meals as you can.

Here are some examples.

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apples, breakfast

Do you eat apples for breakfast?

Meals. English lesson for ESL kids

milk, breakfast

I always drink milk for breakfast.

Meals. Fun English lessons for kids

pizza, dinner

Do you want pizza for dinner?

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cookies, dinner

I never eat cookies after dinner.

Rhymes for learning English

Rhymes for learning English

What should you do before eating? Read the poems to find out.

Learn English in a fun way

Children, children
It's time to eat.
Go wash your hands
And have a seat.
You should have clean hands
When you eat, when you eat.

Teach English in a fun way

Before I eat my meals
I wash my hands, scrub, scrub.
Before I eat my meals
I set my place, set, set.
Before I eat my meals
I pass the food, pass, pass.

meals in english

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