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How many?

Numbers tell you how many people, animals or things there are.
Use How many to ask questions.

Count and say how many animals there are.

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How many giraffes can you see?

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How many monkeys are there?

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How many penguins are there?

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How many raccoons can you see?

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Let's do some maths!

When we use numbers, we do maths. For example, when you add one and two you get three. It is addition. Take away two from three and you'll be left with one. It is subtraction.

Click on the numbers below to hear the sounds.

















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Ten and five is fifteen.

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Fifteen take away five is ten.

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Ten and ten is twenty.

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Twenty take away ten is ten.

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Games for learning English

Are you good at maths? This is a game just for you. Practise your English and maths skills, and have fun at the same time!

Just keep counting until a mistake is made.

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One and one is two.

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Two and two is four.

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Four and four is eight.

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Eight and eight is sixteen.

asking about number in english

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