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Lesson on English expressions

We use there is and there are when we want to say that someone or something is in a certain location.

Here are some examples.

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There is a cook in the kitchen.

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There is a bear in my bed!

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There are pirates on the island.

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There are planets in our solar system.

Rhymes for learning English

Rhymes for learning English

Try to change words in this poem and make your own version. It's easy!
For example, On a big, big planet there is a big, big farm. And on a big, big farm there is ...

Fun English lessons for kids

In a dark, dark wood,
There is a dark, dark house.
And in a dark, dark house,
There is a dark, dark room.

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And in a dark, dark, room,
There is a dark, dark cupboard.
And in a dark, dark cupboard,
There is a ghost!!!

Games for learning English

Games for learning English

Play with your friend. Choose one of the pictures below. Look at the picture and say, for example: There is some cheese on the table. Your friend have to decide if your sentence is true or false. Then change the role. Your friend asks, and you answer.

English for kids: there is, are

There are three bananas on the table.
True or false?

Teach English in a fun way

There is a bowl of salad on the table.
True or false?

Learn English in a fun way

There is a cup on the plate.
True or false?

Teaching English in a fun way

There is some orange juice in the jug.
True or false?

describing situations in english

Check out other resources on the topic! This unit includes both online and printable materials that can help kids learn and practise basic English expressions in a fun way.