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Listen and practise English

What colour is it?

Look around! You can see colours everywhere! Do you know the names of the most common colours in English?

Click on the pictures below to hear the sounds.


Learn colours in English: blue

It is blue.


Learn colours in English: green

It is green.


Learn colours in English: yellow

It is yellow.


Learn colours in English: orange

It is orange.


Learn colours in English: red

It is red.


Learn colours in English: brown

It is brown.


Learn colours in English: pink

It is pink.


Learn colours in English: purple

It is purple.


Learn colours in English: violet

It is violet.


Learn colours in English: white

It is white.


Learn colours in English: grey

It is grey.


Learn colours in English: black

It is black.

Riddles for learning English

Riddles for learning English

We often describe things as red, yellow, blue, and so on. Also, we often ask what colour something is.

Learn and practise colours vocabulary by solving our riddles!

Everyday expressions: riddles for kids

Many foods are this colour
Like some types of cherries
Tomatoes and some peppers
As well as strawberries

Riddles for kids learning English

What colour is the ocean
On which some people surf?
It's also the same colour
As the great Papa Smurf

English colours riddles

A rubber ducky and egg yolk
A banana and some cheese
A sunflower and a lemon
What's the colour of all these?

Fun riddles for ESL kids

Frogs, crocodiles, some grass
And the leaves up on the trees
Wine bottles made of glass
What's the colour of all these?

Fun English lessons for kids

Find a colour rhyme for these words.

clown rhymes with ...
kite rhymes with ...
shoe rhymes with ...
bed rhymes with ...

English resources for ESL teachers

Find a rhyme for these colour words.

black rhymes with ...
green rhymes with ...
grey rhymes with ...
pink rhymes with ...

Games for learning English

Games for learning English

Our bears know a lot of colour games to practise English! These games are fun and easy, and you can play them at home, at school, anywhere!

Here are some ideas.

Learn English in a fun way

I'm Green Bear. My game begins like this:

Green, green is the colour I see!
If you're wearing green, then show it to me!

Teach English in a fun way

I'm Blue Bear. My game begins like this:

I spy with my little eye something blue.
Can you see it, too? What's this?

Learning English in a fun way

I'm Yellow Bear. My game begins like this:

I have a favourite colour, try to guess its name!
Bananas and lemons are ...
Yes, they are yellow.
I have a favourite colour, and yellow is its name!

Teaching English in a fun way

I'm Red Bear. My game begins like this:

When I say red, put your hands on your head.
When I say blue, touch your left shoe.
When I say yellow, be a happy fellow.
When I say black, it's time for a snack.

talking about colours in english

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