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We use what's this to ask about things in English.

If you don't know a word, just ask someone who does. You can use these expressions to help you.

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What's this in English?

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What's this called in English?

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What's the word for this in English?

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How do you say this in English?

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To talk about something or someone that is near us we use the word this. The plural of this is these.

Here are some examples.

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What's this?

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This is a tree.

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What are these?

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They are trees.

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To talk about something or someone that is further away from us we use the word that. The plural of that is those.

Here are some examples.

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What's that?

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That is a planet.

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What are those?

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They are planets.

identifying things in english

Check out other resources on the topic! This unit includes both online and printable materials that can help kids learn and practise basic English expressions in a fun way.