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There are many greetings in English, for example, Hello, Hi, How do you do. But the most common one is Hello.

You can use Hello at any time of the day, with friends, family, and even people you don't know too well.

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Hello there!

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Hello Greengo!

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Hello, how are you?

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Hello, aunt Mary!

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After you greet someone, it is customary to ask How are you?

You can respond to this in many ways. Here are some examples.

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I'm fine, thank you.

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Great, thanks, and you?

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I'm very well, thanks.

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Not too bad, thank you.

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We sometimes say How do you do? It is not a question. It is another, very formal way of saying Hello.

Here are some examples.

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How do you do?

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How do you do.

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How do you do, Mr Greetings?

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Pleased to meet you, Mr Catson.

greetings and responses in english

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