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Food gives us energy and makes us grow.

Some food we can count, some food we can't. Look at the examples.

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One apple, two carrots,
Some lemons, some peas.
You can count all of these!

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Milk, sugar and salt,
Some honey, some cheese.
You can't count any of these!

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We can't count milk, sugar or cheese themselves. But we can put them into containers to count them.

See how it goes. Click on the pictures below to hear the sounds.

Everyday English for kids: food and drink
English expressions for ESL kids: food and drink
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We can't count milk. But we can count bottles of milk. Look at the picture. How many bottles of milk can you see?

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We can't count salt. But we can count bags of salt. Look at the picture. How many bags of salt can you see?

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Practise words for food and drink with this game.
It's easy to play. You say Bread. Your friend says A slice of bread.

Here is how to play it.

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I say... Jam! You say...

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A jar of jam!

Learning English in a fun way

I say... Cake! You say...

Teaching English in a fun way

A piece of cake!

food and drink in english

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