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Aunt Mary goes shopping. She buys fresh fruit and vegetables at the greengrocer's.

Listen and read the dialogue.

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Hello. Can I help you?

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I'd like two tomatoes, please.

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With pleasure. Anything else?

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No, thank you. How much is it?

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There are many different shops that sell different things.

When we talk about shops, we often put 's on the end, for example baker's, grocer's, florist's.
Most other shops have easy names, for example pet shop or shoe shop.

Everyday expressions


You can buy meat here like sausages, beef or ham.

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You can buy bread, buns and cookies in this shop.

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You can buy lots of fresh and prepared food here.

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You can buy fresh fruit and vegetables in this shop.

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You can buy medicine here, and also soap or toothpaste.

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This shop sells newspapers, magazines and sweets.

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This shop sells writing materials and paper goods.

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This shop sells ornamental plants and flowers.

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You can buy storybooks, comics, magazines or calendars here.

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pet shop

This shop sells different kinds of animals and pet accessories.

Shopping vocabulary and expressions

clothes shop

You can buy dresses, trousers, hats, shirts or coats here.

Simple phrases about shopping

shoe shop

You can buy shoes, boots or sandals in this shop.

Look at the pictures above. Make sentences about the shops, for example: Where can you buy food? At the grocer's.

Practise English

Let's practise English! Look at the pictures below. Make as many questions and answers as you can.

For example, How much is the ball? Ten goldstars.

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How much is the ball?

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How much are the blocks?

going shopping in english

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