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Good morning!

We use good morning to greet people in the morning. Say good morning any time between getting up and noon.

Read and say this rhyme to remember English greetings! Rhymes are so much fun to say.

Everyday English lessons

It's morning. The sun is coming up.
It's morning. It's time to wake up!

English resources for teachers

It's morning, let's start a new day.
Let's work, laugh and play!

English learning resources

It's morning, it's breakfast time.
It's morning, isn't it fun?

ESL teaching resources

It's morning, there's so much to do.
Good morning, good morning to you!

Lessons for kids: English greetings

Good afternoon!

We use good afternoon to greet people in the afternoon. Say good afternoon any time between noon and sunset.

Read and say this rhyme to learn English greetings!

Fun English lessons for kids

Then it's lunchtime.
It's afternoon, the middle of the day.

English resources for ESL teachers

It's afternoon, it's afternoon,
When I go out and play.

Lessons for kids learning English

Good afternoon! I smile to the sun.
It's afternoon, isn't it fun?

Basic English expressions through sounds

It's afternoon. There's so much to do.
It's afternoon. Good afternoon to you!

Rhymes to learn English

Good evening!

We use good evening to greet people in the evening. Say good evening any time between sunset and bedtime.

Read and say this rhyme to practise English greetings!

Everyday English: lessons for ESL kids

Then it's dinnertime.
It's evening, the end of the day.

English expressions: resources for teachers

Good evening! It's evening.
The sun has gone away.

Basic English for kids: learning resources

Good evening! It's evening.
The stars begin to peep.

ESL teaching materials

Good evening! It's evening.
It's time to go to sleep.

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