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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn some useful expressions for talking about opposites.

What are opposites?

An opposite is someone or something completely different from someone or something else.

Here are some examples.

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Everyday English: fun with opposites

sweet and sour

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fast and slow

English words: opposites

cold and hot

English lessons: opposites

day and night

Opposites in English

happy and sad

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bad and good

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The opposite of girl is boy.

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The opposite of hot is cold.

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The opposite of happy is sad.

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The opposite of left is right.

Games for learning English

Practise your English with this game. It works well at home, in the classroom, or with a team. You could also use it on birthday parties :-)

Here are some ideas on how to play this game.

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I say... Winter!
You say...

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I say... Day!
You say...

Basic English expressions through sounds


Rhymes for learning English

Rhymes are so much fun to say! Practise recalling the opposites quickly and remember the words in pairs.

Have fun while you learn. You can add some actions (mime, clap, stamp, knock, and so on).

Rhymes for learning English
Rhymes for kids learning English

Let's play the opposites game!
Opposites are never the same.

I say yes, you say no.
I say stop, you say go.
I say above, you say below.

Opposites are never the same.
Let's play the game again!

Have fun while you learn

Opposites are words
That are not the same.
How many opposites
Can you name?

Big and small, short and tall
Old and new, false and true

That was fun! Give me five!