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Likes and Dislikes

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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn some expressions for describing people.

Expressing likes

There are many English expressions that you can use to talk about something you like.

Here are some examples.

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Do you like carrots?

I like them.

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Do you like cheese?

I really like it.

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Do you like pasta?

I like it a lot.

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Do you like cookies?

I love them!

Practise your English!

Imagine you are Greengo. Look at the pictures below - these are fruits and vegetables he likes. Talk about them. For example, I like apples.

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Expressing dislikes

There are many English expressions that you can use to talk about something you don't like.

Here are some examples.

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Do you like this room?

I don't like it.

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Do you like these toys?

I really don't like them.

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Do you like this hot weather?

I can't stand it.

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Do you like rainy days?

I hate them!

Practise your English!

Look at the pictures below. Make sentences, for examples: He doesn't like snowy days.

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Rhymes for learning English

Have fun while you learn. Try to change words in this poem and make your own version. It's easy!

Here is an example.

Rhymes for learning English
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If you like bees,
Tap your knees,
Find something blue
And say I do!
If you don't like bees,
Stamp your feet,
Give a dog a bone,
And say I don't!

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If you like cats,
Clap your hands,
Point to your shoe,
And say I do!
If you don't like cats,
Flap your arms,
Sing a song,
And say I don't!