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Need some help with grammar? Lesson by lesson, game by game, this section presents and explains basic grammar rules in a fun way!

This section contains online lessons, exercises and tests plus printable worksheets that can help children develop their grammar skills. Our activities, suitable for beginners and young learners, focus on the main grammatical topics taught on elementary English courses.

how the material is organised

The material is organised in grammatical categories:
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Each category is divided into relevant units. Each unit focuses on a particular grammatical area and has the same format consisting of four parts (lessons, exercises, tests, printables).

Also, you can browse our resources by type:
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Our grammar section is a large area to explore, filled with hundreds of learning and teaching resources. Finding specific materials can sometimes be difficult. To start using our grammar section, you might find it helpful to use the section guides.
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There are several different ways you can navigate the Grammar for Kids section. We invite you to use the bottom menu. It has quick links to other pages within the current section, and guides you to the resources you are looking for.