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Yes / No Questions

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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn how to make yes / no questions in English.

How to ask

There are many types of questions in English. The easiest ones are questions that can be answered Yes or No.

Here are some examples.

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Do you play chess?

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Do you like cheese?

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Do you have a pet?

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Do you think English is easy?

How to answer

Now that you know how to ask Yes / No questions, you are ready to answer them.

Remember! We ask Yes / No questions to get Yes / No as the answer.

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Do you read books?

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Yes, I do!

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Do you cook, Rosie?

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No, I don't.

Games for learning English

Is there an animal for each letter of the alphabet? This is a fun game to practise the alphabet and yes / no questions.

See how to play this game.

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Let's start. A for Alligator. Do you like alligators?

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No, I don't. B for Bear. Do you like bears?

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Yes, I do. C for Camel. Do you like camels?

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Yes, I do. D for Dolphin. Do you like dolphins?