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Asking for and Giving Directions

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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn how to ask for and give directions in English.

How to ask for help

If you are in a new town and you want to know where a place or building is, you can ask for help.

Here are some examples.

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Where is the post office?

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Is there a pet shop near here?

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How to get to the bank?

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How do I get to the station?

How to give directions

To understand street instructions and give directions in English, you have to learn a set of useful words and expressions.

Here are some examples. Click on the pictures below to hear the sounds.

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on the left

Asking for and giving directions

on the right

Asking for directions in English


Giving directions in English


English expressions about directions

turn left

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turn right

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go ahead

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Where is the Wizard Hotel?

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In the market place on the left.

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Excuse me. How do I get to the swimming pool?

Basic English expressions through sounds

Go ahead, then take the third street on the right.

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This game is easy to play. Just do what I say.

Here are some ideas.

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If you are wearing something yellow, turn to the left.

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If you are wearing something green, turn to the right.

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If you are wearing something red, take two steps back.

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If you are wearing something pink, take two steps forward.