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Days of the Week

lessons for kids learning everyday English expressions

Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn some vocabulary and phrases connected with the theme Days of the Week.

What is a week?

There are seven days in a week. Some calendars begin with Sunday as the first day of the week, others begin with Monday.

Click on the pictures below to hear the sounds. Then make sentences that go with the pictures, for example: On Fridays he goes fishing.

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Learning days of the week

Rhymes for learning English

There are lots of rhymes that should help you learn the seven days of the week. Here are some examples.

Play with these rhymes! Try to recite them in different ways. For example, say one line quickly, and one line slowly. Also, you can add some actions (mime, clap, stamp, knock, and so on) for more fun.

Rhymes for learning English
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There are seven days in the week.
Say with me, say with me.
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday too.
Thursday, Friday just for you.
Saturday, Sunday. That is the end.
Now you know the seven days,
Seven days to laugh and play.
Let's say those days once again!

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On Monday I am glad.
On Tuesday I am sad.
On Wednesday I drink milk.
On Thursday I like pink.
On Friday I go to Rome.
On Saturday I'm at home.
On Sunday I am free.
Oh, what a day for me!

Games for learning English

Practise your English with this game. It works well at home, in the classroom, or with a team. You could also use it on birthday parties :-)

Here are some ideas on how to play it.

Games for learning English
Learning English in a fun way

Today is Monday.
True or false?

Teach English in a fun way

Monday comes after Sunday.
True or false?

Learn English in a fun way

Monday comes before Tuesday.
True or false?

Teaching English in a fun way

Monday is between Sunday and Friday.
True or false?