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Talking about Favourite Things

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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn some useful phrases for talking about favourite things.

What you like most

When you talk about your favourite things you talk about the best liked or most enjoyed things.

Here are some examples.

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I like apples best.

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I am interested in books.

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My favourite sport is swimming.

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I like winter! You can play in the snow.

Practise your English!

Imagine you are Goldie. Look at the pictures below - these are things she loves. Talk about them. For example, My favourite number is one.

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animal, a turtle

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toy, a doll

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food, ice cream

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number, one

How to ask about favourite things

Different people like different things. Learn phrases and sentences to know what they like.

Here are a few questions you can use to ask about favourite things.

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Are you interested in sport?

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What is your favourite sport?

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What sport do you like best?

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What kind of sport do you like best?

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Here is how to play this game.

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I'm Goldie. I like apples.

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Goldie likes apples. I'm Greengo and I like plums.

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Goldie likes apples, Greengo likes plums. I'm Rosie and I like pears.

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Goldie likes apples, Greengo likes plums, Rosie likes pears. I'm Blue-Blue and I like bananas.