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Asking and Telling the Time

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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn some useful phrases for asking and telling the time.

What's the time?

You can tell time with a clock. Moving hands on the face of a clock point to the current hour, minute, and second.

Here are some examples.

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It's nine o'clock.

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It's five past nine.

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It's half past nine.

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It's twenty to ten.

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Riddles for learning English

Read the riddle, look at the pictures and find the correct answer!

Click on the time box for the answer.

Riddles for learning English

Blue-Blue is in the living room. What's the time?

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It's eight o'clock.


Wrong! It's eight o'clock. He is in the kitchen.

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It's twenty past ten.


Wrong! It's twenty past ten. He is on the street.

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It's half past one.


Wrong! It's half past one. He is in the library.

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It's ten to five.


Right! It's ten to five. He is in the living room.

Rhymes for learning English

There are lots of nursery rhymes about time. Read some of them and have fun!

Try to say these rhymes in different ways. For example, say one line loudly, and the following line quietly. Also, you can add some actions (mime, clap, stamp, knock, and so on).

Rhymes for learning English
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Tick tock goes the clock
Hanging on the wall.
Tick tock goes the clock
Telling the time to all.

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Tick tock goes the clock.
What's the time, please?
Tick tock, says the clock,
It's ten past three.

Time. Learn English in a fun way

Tick tock merrily sings the clock.
It's time for work,
It's time for play.
So it sings throughout the day.

Time. Teach English in a fun way

What's the time, Mr Wolf?
It's seven o'clock and I am full!
What's the time? What's the time?
I am so hungry! It's dinner time!