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Giving Commands

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Learn English through pictures, sounds and sentence examples! In this lesson you will learn how to give commands in English.

Telling people to do things

When we want someone to do something, we begin our sentence with the verb. Actually, this sounds very direct! To make our commands more polite, we can add please at the end of what we say.

Here are some examples.

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Wake up!

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Eat your breakfast!

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Open the window!

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Read the books!

Telling people not to do things

When we want someone not to do something, we begin our sentence with Don't, then put the verb.

Here are some examples.

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Don't eat too much!

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Don't touch the toys!

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Don't make a noise here!

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Don't run across the road!

Games for learning English

This game is easy to play. Just do what I say.

Here are some ideas.

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If your birthday is in January, February or March,
clap your hands!

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If your birthday is in April, May or June,
touch your shoes!

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If your birthday is in July, August or September,
point to your ears!

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If your birthday is in October, November or December,
smile and say cheese!