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Verbs are very important and busy words! They tell you what people, animals and things do, or what they are. There are many, many verbs in English, but some of them are special. Let's learn more about them!

The Verbs section is divided into four units. Each unit focuses on a particular grammatical area and has the same format. You can work through the units in any order. To find materials you are looking for, visit the following pages:

verb be »
Be is a very special verb. It says what I am, what you are or what something is. It does not show action. Let's make friends with the most common verb in English.

verb have got »
This is a very useful verb! For example, when we talk about things that belong to us or other poeple, we use have got. Let's learn more about this special verb.

there is, there are »
In English, we often use there is, there are to talk about things we can see or things we know exist, usually in a specific place. Learn how to use this phrase correctly.

verb can »
It is a very special verb, and has many uses in English! For example, we use can to talk about things we are able to do. Let's understand this verb a little better.


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