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Resources for learning English grammar

Guidance on the content and organisation of the Grammar section.

This page provides guidance on the content and organisation of the English Grammar for Kids section.

We hope the links below can be useful in helping you to find and choose suitable material for you and your ESL students.

grammar categories

The learning and teaching material is organised in grammatical categories, nouns and verbs. Each category is divided into relevant units. Each unit focuses on a particular grammatical area and has the same format consisting of four parts (lessons, exercises, tests, printables).

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grammar activities

Also, the material is arranged by activity type in four sections: lessons, exercises, tests and printables. There are three types of online activities (lessons, exercises, tests). For each online unit there is a set of worksheets.

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grammar printables

You can also browse our printables by resource type. There are five types of printable activities (posters, flashcards, worksheets, tests and card / board games). Besides, for each grammar topic there is a set of printables.

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support pages

If you are confused about how to navigate to find what you need, please visit our guide pages. Also, read more about the structure and content of the grammar section.

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