English grammar for kids: verb be worksheets

Positive Full Form. In this worksheet kids match the personal pronouns with the correct form of the verb.

Positive Short Form. Matching and writing exercises to practise the short form of the verb be.

Negative Full Form. Two simple exercises in this worksheet (read and match; write the missing letters).

Negative Short Form. Match the pronouns with the correct short forms. Write the correct form: aren't or isn't.

Negative Short Form. Match and practise. Then write the correct form: 'm, 're or 's to complete the contraction.

Question Form. Two simple exercises. Match the positive form with the question form. Write the question forms.

Positive Sentences. A grammar worksheet to practise positive sentences with be. Complete with am, are, or is.

Negative Sentences. A worksheet to practise negative sentences with be. Complete with 'm, 're, 's, aren't or isn't.

Yes/No Questions. This multi-choice worksheet is designed to practise Yes/No questions and short answers.

Wh-Questions. This grammar worksheet practises making wh-questions. Put the words in the correct order.

Picture Test. A revision worksheet for ESL kids. Complete the sentences using the words in the boxes.

Test. A multiple-choice test for older kids. Read the sentences. Decide which of them is correct.

To teach the verb be and play grammar games.

Posters to present and teach the verb be in English.

Games to get ESL kids excited about learning English.