English grammar for kids: there is / there are worksheets

Positive Full Form. A worksheet to practise or revise there is, there are. Match, look, write the correct form.

Positive Short Form. Sorting, writing and counting grammar exercises on contractions, using there's and there are.

Negative Full Form. This worksheet practises the negative form in a fun way. Read, match and find the secret animals.

Negative Short Form. A fun worksheet to practise the negative form. Rewrite phrases. Use there isn't or there aren't.

Question Form. Matching and writing exercises to practise the question form with there is, there are.

Positive Sentences. A fun grammar activity worksheet for ESL kids. Find the secret animal. True or false?

Negative Sentences. This worksheet contains two activities to pracise negative sentences with there is, there are.

Yes/No Questions. Matching, reading and writing exercises to practise yes/no questions and short answers.

Wh-Questions. A worksheet to practise making wh-questions (how much, how many) with there is and there are.

Picture Test. This test for contains an exercise about making Yes / No questions with there is, there are.

Test. A multiple-choice test for older kids. Read the sentences. Decide which of them is correct.

To teach there is and there are and play grammar games.

Posters to present and teach there is and there are in English.

Games to get ESL kids excited about learning English.