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General tips on how to use our learning and teaching resources. Scroll down to find out more about the Grammar section!

This page gives an overview of the grammar section content and organisation of the material as well. There are also some general tips on how to use our learning and teaching resources.

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We hope this quick guide can be useful in helping you to find and choose suitable material for you and your ESL students.

grammar topics

There are two grammar areas to explore, nouns and verbs.
Each category is divided into relevant units. Each unit focuses on a particular grammatical topic and has the same format consisting of four parts (lessons, exercises, tests, printables).

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online activities

In each grammar unit, there are three types of online activities.
First comes the grammar lesson that gives students basic information, short and easy to memorize.
The new grammar points are then practised through a series of interactive exercises.
Finally, kids take the animated tests that check what they have learnt with the help of our lesson.
Each activity has its own content page.

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picture references for learning online

New grammatical structures are presented through simple examples and fun illustrations. When you are online, you can use these pictures to practise English by doing simple exercises.
For example, ask kids to describe the picture, make sentences that go with it, ask questions about the picture, give the picture a title, and so on.

See some examples below.

Resources to learn English grammar

exercises to practise possessive nouns

I can see something that starts with the letter k and belongs to Greengo. What is it?
It is Greengo's kite.

Resources to practise English grammar

exercises to practise there is / are

Look at the picture.
Is there a worm behind the apple? Yes, there is.
Are there bananas next to Rosie? No, there aren't.

picture riddles

On the test pages there are also picture riddles. You can use them as a fun way to introduce, practise or review grammar points.

See some examples below.

English tests for kids

Bees can dance.
True or false?

Tests and quizzes for ESL kids

Parrots can talk.
True or false?

Quizzes for ESL teachers and kids

Penguins can fly.
True or false?

English riddles for ESL students

Butterflies can sing.
True or false?

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grammar printables

There are hundreds of flashcards, worksheets, games and other activities in the grammar section, and all of them make learning English fun for kids!
You can browse all of our printables in one place, or on the pages below by activity types.

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