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Resources to learn and teach English expressions

There are hundreds of learning and teaching resources in the Expressions section. Use this guide to find out where everything is.

English expressions. Resources for learning and teaching


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Online resources for learning English

units »

36 units with both online and printable materials to present, practise and reinforce English expressions and phrases.

Picture stories for kids learning English

comics »

A simple picture story with easy-to-read dialogues and audio files to learn English expressions in a fun way.

Online lessons for kids learning English

lessons »

Learning new language through pictures, audio files, rhymes, riddles and sentence examples.

Printable readers for kids

readers »

36 reader sheets with easy-to-read dialogues and simple exercises.

Printable English lessons for kids

lessons »

36 language presentations with pictures and sentence examples.

Printable worksheets to teach English

activities »

36 worksheets with a variety of exercises (wordsearches, croswwords, riddles).

English tests to download and print

tests »

36 worksheets with revision activities (e.g. do the puzzles, complete the word).

English classroom games

game items »

A small collection of game accessories to download and print. Choose from game boards, scoreboards, wild cards and markers to use in the classroom.

Flashcards for learning English

flashcards »

Over 40 flashcard sets plus ideas of games that can be done in class.

Worksheet sets for teaching English

sets »

36 sets of learning and teaching resources including worksheets and games.