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Yes / No Questions

Everyday expressions for kids learning English

learning and teaching resources

This unit of the Everyday English Expressions includes both online and printable materials that can help kids learn and practise making yes/no questions.

How the material is organised

Our learning and teaching resources are organised into three parts: a picture story, online lesson and printables. You can work through the unit in any order you like.

Comics »
Look, listen, read and learn English with Wordies! Wordies in Space is a picture story divided into 36 episodes. The story tells of some aliens, who are on their way to visit Earth. Kids follow their adventures while being gradually introduced to lexical items.

Lesson »
New language items presented through sounds, sentence examples and pictures. You can use the pictures to practise English by doing simple exercises. For example, ask kids to describe the picture, make sentences that go with it, ask questions about the picture, give the picture a title, and so on.

Printable resources »
The set contains worksheets, tests and games. The game pack includes resources that you can mix and use in a variety of ways to play different learning games. Also, we provide classroom games ideas.

How to navigate

There are several different ways you can navigate the Yes / No Questions unit. We invite you to use the bottom menu. It has quick links to other pages within the current section, and guides you to the resources you are looking for.