English grammar for kids: common and proper nouns worksheets

Common Nouns. A fun activity for younger learners. Write the word under the picture.

Common Nouns. Write the nouns in the correct box (people, animals, places, things).

Common and Proper Nouns. Look, read and match. Then fill in the boxes with the correct nouns.

Common and Proper Nouns. Two exercises for practising common and proper nouns.

Common and Proper Nouns. Unscramble the letters to find the words. Then complete the sentences.

Common and Proper Nouns. Read, look, match, then complete the crossword to find the secret message.

Picture Test.A multiple-choice test with pictures. Find and mark the proper noun in each group.

Test. Sorting and matching exercises to test your understanding of English common and proper nouns.

To teach English common and proper nouns and play grammar games.

Posters to present and teach common and proper nouns in English.

Games to get ESL kids excited about learning English.