Topic-based vocabulary units for ESL kids

Vocabulary for kids learning English

topic-based units

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432 English words grouped into 36 thematic topics reflecting kids' interests.

How the material is organised

This section contains resources for kids who are beginning to learn English. The material is organised into 36 thematic units reflecting kids' interests (for example, Colours, Fruits, Toys, Wild Animals). Each unit introduces twelve new words. They reappear both in the activities to play online and in the worksheets to download and print.

Guides to the topic-based units

To start using our vocabulary units, you might find it helpful to use these guides:

Overview »
The Overview provides useful information about the section structure and particular units content. There are also suggestions for using our resources in class.

Picture guide »
The picture guide provides links to all of our topic-based units sorted alphabetically by topic. Each unit is presented in its own box, which contains direct links to the content pages. Underneath the links there is a relevant wordlist (vocabulary for the unit).

How to navigate

There are several different ways you can navigate the Topic-based Units area. We invite you to use the bottom menu. It has quick links to other pages within the current section, and guides you to the resources you are looking for.