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topic-based units overview

learning and teaching resources

Here you can find information about how the section is structured, and learn more about the content of each unit. There are also suggestions for using our resources in class.

What's in the Overview

The topic-based units present a range of basic vocabulary. In each unit, new language is introduced and practised in a series of word games and activities. Learn more about our vocabulary units:

Also, have a look at the index of contents with wordlists to find out where everyting is.

how the material is organised

The learning and teaching material is organised into 36 thematic units. Each unit is divided into smaller areas for learning, practising or revising new vocabulary.

  • working through the units
  • You can work through the units in any order you like. Moreover, you can focus only on the units which interest you!
  • Just choose the topic-based unit you want to explore.
  • how to use the material
  • Use our resources in any way you like: as warmers, fillers or extra practice, at home or in the classroom.
  • Also, on our pages you will find lots of ideas for additional classroom games which will help you in your teaching.
  • support and help
  • Have a look at the index of contents to find out where everyting is.
  • Use the wordlist to check if and where words appear in our vocabulary units.

contents of each unit

Each unit introduces twelve new vocabulary words. They reappear both in the activities to play online and in the resources to download and print. For easy use, each unit has the same format consisting of four parts (learning, practising, revising, printables).

  • learning activities
  • First comes the learning section with the picture dictionary that introduces twelve new English words through pictures, sounds and text.
  • games for practising
  • Then you can practise new vocabulary by playing three different word games (matching, spelling, guessing).
  • tests and quizzes
  • After doing these exercises, you can test yourself by taking our picture test and vocabulary quiz.
  • printable resources
  • Finally, there is a section that contains printable games and worksheets to practise offline.
  • working through the chosen unit
  • You can do our vocabulary activities in any order you like.
  • recommended way
  • start with the picture dictionary
  • practise through our word games
  • test knowledge of the unit
  • print worksheets for extra reading and writing practice
  • support and help
  • Each unit has its own support pages, indexes and wordlists. They will guide you through the selected unit and can be useful in helping you to find suitable material for you and your students.

printable resources

For each online unit, there is a set of eight activities to learn, practise and revise new vocabulary offline.