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This page gives an overview of the Vocabulary section content and organisation of the material as well. There are also some general tips on how to navigate. Scroll down to explore!

What's in the Overview

The section overview is divided into three thematic parts. We hope this will be useful in helping you to find suitable material for you and your students:

Resource Pages
In the Vocabulary section you will find both online and printable resources. Learn more about how they are organised and how you can browse them.

Support Pages
This Vocabulary section is a large area to explore. Finding or using specific materials can sometimes be difficult. Visit our support pages for help.

How to Navigate
Read this guide to learn more about how to move through different areas of the section to find the exact resources you are interested in.

In the vocabulary section you will find both online and printable resources. They are organised by topic into thematic units, and by type into two areas, online activities and printable resources.

Topic-based units

There are 36 thematic units reflecting kids' interests, for example animals, toys, holidays, and so on. Each unit introduces twelve new words. They reappear both in the activities to play online and in the worksheets to download and print. You can browse these resources using the following pages:

Units guide »
Here you will find links to all topic-based vocabulary units sorted alphabetically by topic. You can also browse unit contents and vocabulary for each unit.

Overview »
Here you can find information about how the section is structured, and learn more about the content of each unit. There are also suggestions for using our resources in class.

Online activities

There are over 200 vocabulary games that can be done in class to learn, practise and revise basic English vocabulary. They appear in each topic-based unit as relevant language exercises. You can browse them all on these pages:

Printable resources

There are 288 activities, including word games and worksheets, to download and print. They complete the online units and are designed for learning vocabulary presented on this website. However, you can use them in any way you like. Browse them on the following pages:

Our Vocabulary section is a large area to explore. The following pages can be helpful if you don't know where to start, or just can't find the resources that you are looking for.

Overview »
Useful information about the structure and content of the section.

Contents »
Here you can browse all the vocabulary resources listed alphabetically by category, topic and type.

Wordlist »
Here you will find a list of 432 English words that appear in the vocabulary section.

Games »
Our games use JavaScript. If you are having trouble playing JS games on this website, visit this pagee.

PDF files »
If you are having trouble viewing PDF files on this website, visit this site.

If you are confused about how to navigate to find what you need, here are some tips to make your way easily.

There are several different ways you can navigate this section.

top menu
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bottom menu
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