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Verb Be

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Riddles for warm up

Need some warm up exercises? Try to solve our riddles before you take the grammar quiz!

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English tests for kids

I am your best friend.
My tail is at my end.
I am bigger than a frog.
And I do bark for I am a ...


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I am tall and strong.
I run with a lot of force.
You can ride me, of course,
Because I am a ...


Quizzes for ESL teachers and kids

I am big, I am grey,
My best food is yummy hay.
My long trunk is elegant.
Why? Because I am an ...


English grammar tests for ESL students

My legs are very strong,
My ears are very long.
To hop is my habit
Because I am a ...


Grammar Test

The verb be is the most important verb in English. Test your understanding of the English lesson by taking the quiz.

ESL grammar exercises

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