Printable games for kids

Asking to Do Things

a board game for kids learning English

game instructions

This is a board (grid) game adapted from Noughts and Crosses to learn and practise asking people to do things in English.


Print out a game grid and markers. If you want, you can stick the printout onto the heavy paper. Laminate for future use.

how to play

This is a grid game adapted from Noughts and Crosses, designed for 2 players (or teams) Your aim is to make a line of three: horizontally, diagonally or vertically.

  • When you choose a square, you have to ask someone to do something. Use the words in the square and be polite! For example, Top left. Go, to, the library. Can you go to the library, please?
  • If you are right, place your sun or star marker on the game board.
  • If you are wrong, it is the other team's turn.
  • The first team to make a line of three, wins the game.

resources to download and print

Our printables are in pdf format. To download them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.