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There are 36 topic-based worksheet sets to choose from. Here, in one place, you can browse all of them. Scroll down to explore, download and print!

Our online topic-based units are accompanied by sets of printables created to help kids learn new English vocabulary in a fun way. Although originally designed for practising and revising vocabulary presented on this website, they can be used separately in any way you want and need.

Each worksheet set introduces ten new vocabulary words, and comes with five different word games plus five different tests. All worksheets, except Bingo! cards and Flashcards, have corresponding answer sheets.

Below you will find a guide to all of them sorted alphabetically by topic. Each topic-based set is presented in its own box which contains direct links to the pdf files, and a wordlist as well. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to download and print our worksheets.

Depending on your needs or preference, you can also browse our worksheets by topic or by type.

Worksheet sets sorted by topic

Browse all vocabulary worksheet sets sorted alphabetically by topic. Find your topic, select the activity that interests you, then print your worksheet. To view printout images, learn handy details about each of them, as well as tips and ideas, go to the home page of the topic you are interested in. To do this, click the set title (for example, autumn).