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Check out our classroom games! They are easy to teach, fun to play in pairs or small groups, and can be easily adapted to your needs.

Vocabulary Games »
There are 144 word games to learn and practise English vocabulary. Choose from Bingo! cards, Flashcard sets, as well as Domino and I Spy games.

Grammar Games »
There are hundreds of grammar games to choose from. Each game has its own content page, where you can find useful tips on how to use and play, plus extra printables that make the games more exciting for kids.

Everyday English Games »
Enjoy our collection of 84 classroom games created to help kids learn basic vocabulary and expressions. In this collection there are board games, board games with cards, card games and flashcard games.

ABC Games »
Simple yet fun board games for practising letter recognition as well as building vocabulary with young English learners.

ABC Animals Games »
Animal-related card and board games designed to help English students learn the names of the animals as well as the alphabet.

Holidays Games »
Eight games that can be done in class to practise or revise holiday vocabulary (Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day) in a fun way.

Game Items »
Game accessories such as game boards, scoreboards or markers to use in the classroom. You can mix them and use in a variety of ways to play different learning games.