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Flashcards are versatile teaching tools! They are great for introducing and revising vocabulary, and for playing different language games.

Vocabulary »
There are 36 thematic flashcard sets to choose from. Designed for further practice, they complete our online resources. However, you can use these worksheets independently, in any way you like.

Grammar »
We offer you hundreds of grammar flashcards. This page provides quick links to all of them. The links are grouped in two categories by parts of speech (nouns and verbs). Within each category, they are listed by grammar topic (for example, common and proper nouns).

Expressions »
Check out our collection of over 40 flashcard sets. Each one focuses on a particular topic (for example, Describing people). Although designed as accessories for our educational games, they can be used separately in any way you want and need.

Ideas for flashcard games

Here are some suggestions to inspire you, just starting points for individual or team games as well. You can adapt them to any language concept:

games and activities for using flashcards »
classroom games ideas »

For more ideas, download our Flashcard Fun! 22 Games handbook (pdf).