Kangaroo facts for kids learning English

Kangaroo Facts

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Did you know?

Kangaroos are the symbol of Australia. They appear on Australian postage stamps, coins, and even on Autstralian planes.

Animal facts for kids learning English

Usually, kangaroos have one young annually. Females have a pouch in which babies live and drink milk for 8 months.

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There are over 50 types of kangaroo. They vary enormously in size. The biggest grow to 2 m, the smallest are 20 cm high.

Fun facts about the animals

Kangaroos eat leaves, grass, herbs and roots. They need little water and can go for months without drinking.

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Kangaroos travel in groups. The leader dominates younger rivals by kicking, biting and boxing.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

Most kangaroos are active at night. The kangaroo moves by hopping. It uses its tail for balance.

Learning English in a fun way

When European explorers first saw that animal, they asked an Aborigene what it was called. He replied: Kangaroo. They thought it was the animal's name, but this word meant: I don't understand.