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printables for kids learning english

Printable games for kids learning English

Resources to learn and practise English in a fun way.

Here you will find a selection of flashcard games and game ideas for use in the English classroom.

Although originally designed for practising and revising language material presented on this website, our games can be easily adapted to any language concept.

Each game pack includes game accessories and game directions. Don't feel compelled to follow our instructions word for word. They are just a starting point, some suggestions to inspire you. Experiment with our resources, improvise, modify, change or invent game rules. The only limit is your creativity. Have fun!

English games to print


Materials for teaching English

Bingo! Likes and dislikes

Resources for teaching English

Bingo! Telling the time

Printables for teaching English

Box Quiz

Printable flashcard games for learning English


Play, learn and practise English

Do what I say!

Learning English in a fun way

Dressed for summer

ESL flashcard games to download and print


Printable games to teach English

Guess my card!

Printable games for learning English

I spy!

Learn English with games

Kim's game

Learn English in a fun way

Let's do some math!

Practise English with our resources

Match the pairs

English flashcard games for students

Missing numbers

English games for kids

Month order

ESL games to download and print

Number line

Games to download nad print

Quiz time!

Language games to download nad print

Show me a picture!

Flashcard games to practise English expressions

Simon says

Printables to learn English


Printables to teach English

Sometimes yes

Play and practise English

Test your memory!

English games for students

Tick tock

English games for young learners

True or false?

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Enjoy our collection of 84 board and card games created to make learning English more fun.