Whale facts for kids learning English

Whale Facts

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Did you know?

Whales are large, intelligent animals. They are not fish, they are mammals that spend their entire lives in the water.

Animal facts for kids learning English

Whales swim by moving their tails up and down. Fish swim by moving their tails left and right.

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Some whales are lungers. They take in huge gulps of water and fish at the same time.

Fun facts about the animals

Some whales are skimmers. They swim along with their mouths open, and strain the water out before they swallow their fish dinner.

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The Blue Whale is the largest animal on Earth. Its heart is as big as a car, and its tongue is as long as an elephant.

Fun animal facts for ESL kids

Beluga Whales can sing. They are called sea canaries, because that's what their songs sound like.

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Grey Whales make the longest seasonal migration. They travel about 12,500 miles each year.