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Matching Games

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Below you will find some tips and ideas on how to use our matching games in the classroom. Scroll down to explore!

There are 36 topic-based online matching activities for kids learning English. Each game comes with ten pairs of picture-word.

You can use them as warmers or fillers, and - depending on needs - these activities can be a fun starting point for further work. Also, you can download some corresponding worksheets to learn offline.

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Find out more about how to play our matching games to learn and practise English vocabulary online. Then read some activity ideas. They are a great way to give students extra practice:

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To browse all of our matching games sorted alphabetically by topic, use this resource guide. For worksheets that go well with our online activities, visit the printable resources section.

how to play matching games

Our matching games are designed to learn and practise English vocabulary online. Here you will find some tips and ideas on how to play these games.

Practise English through games


Test your memory and see how quickly you can clear the board by matching up the pairs! There are twenty cards in the game. Ten of the cards have pictures and ten of the cards have words. At the beginning of the game they are displayed face down.

Learn English while playing games


Click on two cards to match the word and the picture. If they show the pair, the cards remain open. If the two cards don’t match, they are turned face down again. Continue until you have ten pairs.

Fun English games for ESL kids


Try to remember where the pictures or words are. You have to match all the pictures and words as quickly as possible. But don't worry if your result is not perfect! Just click on the Play Again button to start the new game.

activity ideas

If your students enjoy this online activity, you could expand it (or give your students extra practice) by playing related word games. Here are some ideas to inspire you. These activities can be used in any topic!

Learning English words

Draw and label your words. You must colour your drawings. Don't forget to add lots of great detail!

Teaching English vocabulary

Draw and colour a picture. Hide your words inside your picture. See if someone can find your hidden words!

Teaching English in a fun way

Use an old magazine and find your words (or the letters that make up your word). Cut it out and glue it on your paper.

English words: fun exercises

Write each of your words on two different cards. Turn all the cards face down, then flip over two cards at a time and see it they match. Keep them if they do or flip over and try again.