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Below you will find some tips and ideas on how to use our interactive dictionaries and flashcardss in the classroom. Scroll down to explore!

There are 36 topic-based online dictionaries designed for kids learning English. Each one introduces ten vocabulary words through pictures, text and sounds, and comes with a set of interactive flashcards to learn and practise new vocabulary by doing simple exercises.

Great for building vocabulary, these activities can be used as warmers and fillers, or as a fun starting point for further work. Also, you can download some corresponding worksheets to learn offline.

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Find out more about how to work with our picture dictionaries and interactive flashcards to learn and practise English vocabulary online:

picture dictionaries
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To browse all of our picture dictionaries sorted alphabetically by topic, use this resource guide. For worksheets that go well with our picture dictionaries and online flashcards, visit the printable resources section.

how to work with the picture dictionaries

Our picture dictionaries - fun, interactive and easy to use - are groups of ten words related to common subject areas reflecting kids' interests. With the help of them your students can learn spelling and pronunciation of 360 English words, and see what they mean. You can also print related worksheets.

Learn English through pictures


First, you can see pictures of the words. To start, click on the picture of the word you want to learn.

English through pictures, words and sounds


Now listen, read and repeat. There is also a short definition of the word (useful for older kids).

Fun English activities for ESL kids


If you want to hide the words and definitions, and go back to the intro screen, click on the Bear.

how to work with the interactive flashcards

Below each picture dictionary you will find a set of interactive flashcards (pictures and words only) for easy visual learning and practising. Each flashcard set contains the same words as the corresponding picture dictionary.

Interactive flashcards for teaching English


First, you can see pictures of the words. They are arranged alphabetically. Scroll down to see them all.

English vocabulary flashcards for kids


Look at the pictures. If you move your mouse over the pictures, you can see their English names.

Learn English vocabulary with flashcards


The set ends with a letter (capital and small). This is the first letter of the topic, for example A like autumn.

Use these flashcards to practise new vocabulary by doing simple exercises. For example:

• Try to guess the English words!
• What's this?
• Find the words beginning with...
• I can see something that begins with the letter...
• How do you spell...

There are several ways to use our flashcards, and you are welcome to add your own ideas. Here are some suggestions to inspire you.

Learning English words

Say words in the mother tongue. Kids have to find and read aloud the English words.

Teaching English vocabulary

Say things related in meaning to the words on the flashcards, for example opposites or definitions.

English vocabulary: fun exercises

Ask kids to write as many words on the first letter of the topic as they can in five minutes.

Teaching English in a fun way

Have kids make sentences including one, two or as many of the flashcard words as possible.