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A variety of exercises to practise English and the verb can. Scroll down to explore, download and print!

Need some new and fun ways to practise English verbs? Try our worksheets! Use them as warm-ups, fillers, complete lessons, homework, or extra practice.

There are 8 different worksheets to choose from. Each worksheet comes with the answer key. Look at the description, then decide which one to print.

Our printables are in pdf format. You need Adobe Acrobat Reader to view and print these resources.


English worksheets: verbs can

Positive Form »

Do the puzzle, write the positive, then match the letters to the pictures to find the secret word.

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English teacher's resources: worksheets

Negative Form »

Make words with the scrambled letters, then transfer the letters to crack the code.

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ESL worksheets: practise can

Negative Short Form »

A multiple choice worksheet to practise can. Look at the picture, then choose can or can't.

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Workseets for ESL kids

Question Form »

A multiple choice worksheet for ESL kids. Read the phrases, then choose the correct question form.

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English grammar worksheets

Positive Sentences »

What can animals do? This worksheet contains fun exercises for ESL kids to practise can.

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Teaching the verb can

Negative Sentences »

Fun grammar exercises for ESL kids. Complete with can or can't. Write the words in the correct order.

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Practise the verb can

Yes/No Questions »

This worksheet contains a reading and matching activity to practise yes/no questions and short answers.

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Can: ESL worksheets

Wh-Questions »

A fun worksheet to practise wh-questions. Solve the puzzles to find the secret message.

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