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Ten Little Indians

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One little, two little
Three little Indians
Four little, five little
Six little Indians
Seven little, eight little
Nine little Indians
Ten little Indian boys

Ten little, nine little
Eight little Indians
Seven little, six little
Five little Indians
Four little, three little
Two little Indians
One little Indian boy

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Ten Little Indians is an old nursery rhyme from the USA. The original song was composed by Septimus Winner in 1868. Then it was called Ten Little Injuns, and it had 10 verses.

This popular kids' song is used in many pre-schools and schools all over the world, and it is also translated into several different languages.

Ten Little Indians is great for teaching counting. It is a repetitive song which makes it easy to sing and helps with counting backwards. Kids can count Indians on their hands while singing.

Kids love this song when you mix in words about them or their surroundings. Try trading out the words little Indian for things like little baby or little kitten.

Learn the numbers in English with this counting song! Let's count together! Then read some ideas on how to practise your spelling words in a fun way.

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Call out a number. Your friends try to be first to call out the number that comes before the number you said. If the number is correct, he or she wins a point.

Play with your friends. Hold up a number of fingers to the group. Do this very quickly. Your friends say how many fingers there are.

Each letter has a value. Consonants are worth 1 and vowels are worth 2. Write your words. Then add up the value of each spelling word. For example, TEN 1 + 2 + 1 = 4.
Remember the vowels are: a e i o u.

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