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Anglomaniacy.pl is a large area to explore, filled with hundreds of learning and teaching resources. Finding specific materials can sometimes be difficult.

What's in the guide

To start using our website, you might find it helpful to use our guides. We hope these quick guides can be useful in helping you to find and choose suitable material for you and your ESL students.

Contents »
Have a look at the index of our contents to find out where everyting is.

Overview »
A quick guide to the website content and structure; provides general information as well as links to major sections.

Site Map »
This index features major sections and subsections of the website to help you find what you need.

New Resources »
A quick guide to the newest resources for learning and teaching English.

Support »
Guidance on how to find your way around the website, how to play flash games, and how to view PDF files.

Site Info »
Learn more about people that run this website, find out terms of use, get in touch with us.

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