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new resources

May 2020. New areas in the Grammar for Kids section

We have added 6 new grammar categories (points). Each grammar category comes with sets of printables. Choose from flashcards, posters, worksheets and classroom games.

September 2019. New songs in the Songs for Kids section

We have added 4 traditional songs and 2 Christmas carols. Each unit comes with an audio file, song lyrics, song facts and printable resources. Also, each unit has a picture dictionary with images that refer to words mentioned in (or related to) the song.

September 2019. New printables in the Holidays section

Printable resources to learn or practise holiday vocabulary in a fun way. Choose from flashcards, board games and worksheets with word games and short rhymes.

September 2019. New songs in the Holiday section

12 new holiday songs! Each song unit contains lyrics and starts with a picture dictionary including images that refer to words mentioned in (or related to) the song.

September 2019. New printables in the ABC Animals section

Flashcards, board games and worksheets designed to teach kids their ABC's in a fun way. Each activity contains six words that begin with the same letter (for example, a-words, b-words, c-words, and so on).

June 2019. New Games in the Vocabulary section

Actually, this is a new version of our old games that were built with Flash. Unfortunately, the Flash technology is currently out of date, and our Flash-based games won't run on modern browsers by 2020. For this reason, we have started to replace all the Flash content.

We tried to keep the new games as similar to the previous ones as possible (vocabulary, types of activities). But there are some important changes and differences:

  • The games are made with JavaScript and HTML5. That means they are available in modern browsers and work without special plug-ins or installations. If you can't run them visit this page for help.
  • Each game has re-designed, and now comes with a completely new look.
  • Each game introduces 12 vocabulary words. During the game, kids can see the picture of the word and hear the pronunciation.
  • Each game is really easy (for beginner or young kids), fun and hopefully a great way to learn or review vocabulary words.

June 2019. New printables in the Vocabulary section

We have updated existing materials to make them easier for young kids and beginners. Also, we have added some new word games (Domino and I Spy games). Visit the Printable Resources section to learn more.

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