Halloween resources for kids learning English

Halloween Resources

rhymes, riddles, songs, games, printables for kids learning English

learning and teaching resources

Halloween is a great time for learning and practising some new English words! Here you will find online activities and printable materials that can help kids learn and practise English vocabulary related to Halloween in a fun way.

How the material is organised

The learning and teaching material is organised into three categories:

Halloween reading »
Learn English with rhymes and riddles! Here you will find a small collection of the most popular Halloween poems and nursery rhymes, plus picture riddles.

Halloween games »
First learn through pictures and sounds, then practise new vocabulary with the help of our online activities.

Printable resources »
This sections contains worksheets with word games, games with playing cards and boards, and some Halloween craft ideas.

More Halloween resources

You may also be interested in our Halloween vocabulary topic. The unit introduces kids to twelve English words: ghost, goblin, haunted house, mask, monster, moon, mummy, pumpkin, scarecrow, skeleton, vampire, witch. The vocabulary words reappear both in the activities to play online and in the worksheets to download and print.