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I am Gerry Giraffe.
And this is the letter G.

Click on me to hear the sound.

Click on the picture to hear the sound.

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How many other English words do you know that start with the letter G?

Number the alphabet from 1 - 26, for example: a = 1, b = 2, c = 3, and so on. Then convert your words to a number code!

Use an old magazine and find your words (or the letters that make up your word). Cut it out and glue it on your paper.

Who am I?

You can find me in a farm
I am as gentle as a lamb
Grass is what I love to chew
And I have some milk for you

Tongue Twister

G was once a little goose,
Goosy moosy
Boosy goosey
Waddly woosy
Little goose!