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There are eight online lessons for ESL kids to introduce and explain English grammar rules in a fun way. Each lesson gives students basic information, short and easy to memorize, through simple examples, colourful pictures, and interactive presentations.

english nouns

common and proper »
learn the difference between proper and common nouns

singular and plural »
learn the basics of singular and plural nouns

countable and uncountable »
the basics of countable and uncountable nouns in English

possessive case »
how to make and use the possessive form of nouns

english verbs

verb be »
personal pronouns; forms of the verb be; uses of the verb be

verb have got »
forms of the have got; uses of the verb have got

there is, there are »
forms; uses; prepositions of place

verb can »
modal verbs; forms of the verb can; uses of the verb can

key features

Each grammar lesson has the same format and order of activities.

grammar explanation
New grammatical structures presented through simple examples and fun illustrations. Use them to learn grammar points by doing simple exercises. For example, ask kids to describe the picture, make sentences that go with it, ask questions about the picture, give the picture a title, and so on.

interactive grammar presentations
Colourful pictures, clear explanations, friendly characters make learning grammar rules fun for kids. Our flash activities are designed to be used on a desktop or tablet. They do not work with all mobile devices. If you want to play them on your tablet or phone, you will need to download a special browser. Read more »

printable resources to use in class
Our worksheets complete the online activities. However, you can use them independently, in any way you like. Choose from grammar posters, flashcards, worksheets, and card / board games.

The interactive lessons were built in Flash. This technology is currently out of date, and our Flash-based activities won't run on modern browsers. Also, they do not work with all phones and tablets.

Although Flash will be obsolete by the end of 2020, we will keep the Flash content going as long as we can. If you are not able to load and play our interactive lessons, visit this page for help.