Printable games for kids

My Name's Peter!

a card game for kids learning English

Language aim: introducing yourself and asking someone's name in English.


  • Print out a Peter! card and matching cards. If you want, you can stick the printout onto the heavy paper. Laminate for future use.
  • Cut out the individual cards, fold them and glue. Learn more how to prepare our cards (pdf). They are double-sided with pictures and words on one side and colourful patterns on the other.
  • Before playing the game revise or pre-teach the names of all the items on the playing cards.
  • Our printables are in pdf format. To download them, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader.

how to play

This is a card game for two or three. Kids try to collect pairs of matching cards. A pair consists of a picture with its name and a card with the text, for example, My name is Barbara.

  • Shuffle the cards and deal them.
  • Players check if they have any pairs, and put the pairs they have found aside.
  • Then one player chooses one card from his or her partner's set. If the chosen card matches any of his or her cards, he or she puts the pair aside.
  • Now it is another player's turn to play. The looser is the one who's left with the peter! card.