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English Fun is divided into three main areas, each one filled with both online and printable resources to make learning and teaching English more enjoyable.


You will find here reading activities, rhymes, riddles, interactive word games to learn online, as well as flashcards, worksheets and games to download, print and use in your classroom.

ABC animals »
There are 26 animals, each begins with a different letter. Play games, learn fun facts, download our printables and practise your English at the same time!

Songs for kids »
Learn English with songs! Check out our collection of the most popular English songs for kids and best loved Christmas carols.

Holidays »
Celebrate holidays with the help of our fun activities! Choose from word games, catchy rhymes and riddles, and materials to download and print.

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There are also some support pages to help you navigate and find what you need:

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Quick links to our printable resources

Most of our online lessons, games and activities are accompanied by audio files. You play sound when click on a picture, text or sound icon. If you can't hear them, here is some support information.

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